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Installing PhreeBooks Small Business Toolkit

Installing the PhreeBooks small business toolkit consists of a single form necessary to gather the core information to initialize the database and install core files and directories. Once the basic installation has been completed, more configuration will be necessary to set up your preferences, chart of accounts, defaults and features.

NOTE: It is not recommended to install the application manually as many background tasks are performed during the install and, if skipped, will most likely lead to a non-operational system.

Before you begin, you will need to have an existing database, database access information, and a
web server running MySQL and PHP 5.3 or greater.

NOTE: PhreeBooks will install all modules that are present in the /modules directory during initial installation. If you plan on using add-on modules, copy them into you web server /modules directory prior to running the installation script.

  1. Download and unzip the phreebooksRx.x.zip file from Sourceforge or Google Code.
  2. Upload/Copy the files to your web server directory where you want as your PhreeBooks homepage. This may be in a path below your website root directory.
  3. Navigate to the PhreeBooks homepage (http://path_to_your_server/path_to_phreebooks/index.php)
  4. You will be re-directed to the install directory where you should see the welcome screen. Read and accept the terms and press Continue.
  5. PhreeBooks will perform an initial check of the system and alert you if any issues are present.
    Issues in RED must be handled before the installation script can continue. Issues in YELLOW are cautions and are for informational purposes only. If all critical issues have been resolved, the information screen will be displayed. Enter the information and press Continue to initialize your installation and setup the databases.
  6. If successful, you will see the confirmation page. Read the latest information and press the ‘Go To My Company’ button to access PhreeBooks.
  7. PhreeBooks creates a list of prioritized ToDo’s that need to be addressed to take advantage of it’s functionality. Consider these part of the initialization as you will receive errors and your system will not operate properly if some of them are not completed.
  8. Remove or rename the /install directory. This is no longer needed and could allow unwanted access to re-initialize your system.

Troubleshooting Installation

The best source for help for installation problems is the forum.