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PhreeSoft Store – ZenCart Interface

In the absence of a more detailed HowTo, the PhreeBooks Help pages give directions:

COMPANY > Help > “HowTo … ZenCart Interface”

NOTE:   there are detailed instructions included in the ZenCart Interface download.

PhreeBooks-ZenCart interface user:
” … [developing] the zc connector to completely map zc product attributes to specific SKU’s in PhreeBooks. You can either append a defined string to the model number (which is an SKU in PhreeBooks) or specify a different PhreeBooks SKU per attribute.

So for instance,  if you are selling T-shirts and the base SKU is tshirt1 and you have different sizes as attributes in zc, you can append a sm or md or whatever so the SKU becomes tshirt1sm. Let’s say a t shirt that is red has a different sku, so you could tell it to make a red tshirt1 have an sku of redshirt.

You will also be able to specify quantities of attributes. So if I sell a widget and the attribute is screws to mount it to a wall, and widget 1 uses 2 screws (a different SKU than widget 1) and widget 2 uses 3 screws (the same screw SKU as in widget 1),  you can specify this, and in PhreeBooks a line-item is created in the Sales Order with the quantity and SKU. All of this is set up in attributes controller in zc. I have yet to find a way to accurately import attributes in any other accounting/erp software including quickbooks 2011 premier.”


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