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Bizuno has many layers of security built in to protect your valuable data.

Phreesoft does not allow third party developers to offer their work on the website. We keep tight control over every product we carry.

If you come across a vulnerability, please contact us and we’ll address the problem and issue a new release as soon as possible. Hosted customers will have the fastest response time. Others will be able to download an update through the website.


Bizuno utilizes the user/role system to enforce security throughout the application. Unlimited groups can be formed with individual settings applied to to every menu feature. Within a menu item, five progressive levels can be set:

  1. None – No access is allowed, the menu item is not displayed to the user. If all sub-menu features have no access, the main menu is also removed.
  2. Read Only – Users may view the menu feature but may not make any changes.
  3. Add – Users may add new entries to the feature but once saved, the data may not be changed.
  4. Edit – Users may read, add and edit entries, but cannot delete them.
  5. Full – In addition to all the capabilities above, entries may also be deleted.

By setting up roles within your business, it becomes easy to control areas of your business that employees can access. It also makes it easy to create profiles based on the users role in the business.

Once roles have been set up, users can be assigned a role to quickly provide only the access you desire.


All reports and forms use the user/role system to control access to your business data. This feature is especially useful to control sensitive information that only upper management should see or protect areas of your business from peeking at other areas. Even information within a feature can be protected by creating a duplicate report with sensitive information removed, such as product costing, sales numbers or personnel information.


Bizuno provide encrypted storage of your most sensitive information, such as credit card data, through a keyed encryption algorithm. Only your key can unlock the information.