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POS 101

Author – Charles, 2013 To improve my understanding of ‘POS’ in general (this page does not relate specifically to PhreeBooks) I have made a short summary of retail POS ‘terms’. I have decided to post it for the benefit of others who may not be familiar with the world of retail POS and it’s nomenclature.…
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Possible ‘Bugs’ and ‘Issues’

April 2014 / PhreeBooksR36RC3 Author – Charles Investigate any potential ‘bug’ or ‘Issue’ on your own PhreeBooks install – try and define it – when does it happen, not happen. Always try clearing your browser cache to ensure that that isn’t the problem. Please note, PhreeBooks can produce unexpected results if you have more than…
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Preferred Vendors

January 2014 / PhreeBooksR36RC3 How-To Author – Charles Preferred Vendor (PV) is a new concept introduced to INVENTORY in PhreeBooksR36. The idea is that when you create or amend an Inventory item, you can pre-configure one or more PV’s (suppliers). The current or live Preferred Vendor is the one with the highest price. This isn’t…
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