backupPhreeBooks provides a backup and restore utility to the database. It is recommended that this utility be used as other web-based applications have shortcomings that my prohibit proper restoration of your data. Specifically, phpMyAdmin has limitations on the upload size of 8 MB. Using a utility such as BigDump has limitation on the size of the sql being executed. The PhreeBooks backup utility creates a backup with limited sql sizes that allow for the restore script (a modified version of the BigDump script) to properly restore a company backup.

Backup & Restore Features:

  • Independent of database tables, the script automatically determines the tables and creates the sql to re-create the tables and populate with data.
  • Automatically compresses the sql file and downloads to your browser to allow off site storage of your company data.
  • Can be used to re-locate your company to a different server.

Backing Up Your Company Data

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Tools -> Company Backup.
  2. Select the backup compression type and whether to include company data files.
  3. If a copy of the backup is to be kept on the server, check the box labeled ”
    Save a local copy in web server (my_files/backups) directory “.
  4. Press the Start Backup button to start the backup. NOTE: This script can take several minutes depending on the size of the database being backed up. If a copy is selected to stay on the server, it will be placed in the /my_files/backups directory.
  5. When complete, the file will be downloaded to the local browser.

Restoring Company Data (database only)

PhreeBooks provides a restoration utility to restore the database tables. Files from the my_files directory must be restored through your ISP control panel or ftp transfer.

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Tools -> Company Backup.
  2. Press the Company Restore button in the toolbar. Acknowledge the warning that all data will be replaced in the database table.
  3. The restore screen will be displayed and a list of files from the /my_files/backups directory will be displayed.
  4. If the file to restore is available (must be in uncompressed format), select the file and press the Start button.
  5. If the restoration file is not in the /my_files/backups directory, it can be uploaded by browsing your local computer for the uncompressed file and uploading to your server using the control panel or ftp protocol to copy the sql file to your server. Once the file has been uploaded, select the file and press the Start button to begin the restore operation.
  6. Once the restore has successfully completed, Press the button at the bottom of the form to log out and back in to the restored company. Logging out is necessary to verify any updates (if necessary) and make sure the system initializes properly.


1. TOOLS > Company Backup > ‘Database Only’:
Includes – CoA, Sales/Purchase Taxes set, GL entries,
Excludes – anything in my_files – your nice Forms (Invoice, PO, Credit Memo), Company details, logo’s, back-ups

i.e. NOT a full back-up

2. TOOLS > Company Backup > ‘Database and Company Data Files’:
Includes – ‘Database only’ as above, contents of my_files (see above), config.php.
Excludes – ?

3. GENERAL LEDGER > Administrative Tools > Purge all Journal Transactions (re-start)
Includes – all GL-entries
Excludes – Customer, Vendor, Inventory details. CoA and Sales/Purchase tax details. Company details.

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