This article describes how to change the default currency in Bizuno.

NOTE: Default currency is selected during install and can only be changed if no journal entries have been made.

  1. Enter the settings for currency: My Business -> Settings -> Bizuno Tab -> PhreeBooks Accounting (Settings Icon) -> Currencies Tab.
  2. The current default currency will be highlighted (or be the only one). Click the New icon to bring a popup window with the currency selections. The list represents most common currencies and will pre-generate the properties for the selected currency. Select a currency and press the Next icon.
  3. A form will appear with the settings for the selected currency. Most of the values will be pre-defined, make any necessary changes.
  4. Select the default check box to make this the new default currency.
  5. Press the Save icon to save the new currency. This action will change the default ISO currency in the system to the new currency and makes all other currencies alternates.