February 2014 / PhreeBooksR36RC3
Author – Charles


Dave Premo:
The Inventory Re-order Worksheet report. This will list all items below the reorder stock level sorted by preferred vendor (adjusted to take into account lead time). I put the report in my Favorite Reports dashboard on my homepage and run it every day.

PhreeBooks will help you identify which inventory items need to be re-ordered.
This is a two step process:

(1)  Run the ‘Inventory Re-order Worksheet’.: This will identify the VENDORS that PO’s need to be placed with:

INVENTORY > Reports,   Inventory Re-order Worksheet


(2) ‘Auto-Fill’ the Vendor’s PO: Create a new PO for each Vendor identified by the Inventory Re-order Worksheet.

  • Open a new Purchase Order  –  VENDORS > New Purchase Order
  • Select Vendor identified by Inventory Re-order Worksheet.
  • Click on ‘Fill order with items with low stock’ icon (adjacent to Help in Toolbar).




Useful Resources:

December 2013

Knowledge Base Guidelines:

  • Hopefully YOU will have benefited from somebody else’s time invested in writing a HowTo that has helped you.
  • The idea is to share your experience and save others some time in learning how best to use PhreeBooks.
  • Any User can write a HowTo, experienced or inexperienced. It is bound to help someone. It doesn’t need to be 100% correct – it can be amended.
  • There are no rules – you can follow these guidelines – or ignore them. Just share what you know.
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  • A great way to ‘give back’ to the community and show your appreciation.

HowTo Write and Submit a Knowledge Base Article:

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    paypal site:phreesoft.com/forums/

NOTE – please do not be intimidated by the idea of doing an article, perhaps thinking that ‘I don’t know enough’ or similar. I have found that the BEST articles are written by users who are newbies struggling to get to grips with a feature. They know best ‘what they didn’t know’ and where the gaps are in the existing articles – therefore they write the best articles.

Articles get edited – you have to expect / be prepared for that
Articles become ‘out of date’

Submit your article to PhreeSoft.com through the Contact Us page and get some feedback.

January 2014 / PhreeBooksR36RC3
Author – Charles

There have been a few queries in the Forum about setting up PhreeBooks on a LAN (Local Area Network) and P2P network (Peer-to-Peer). To try and help new users address issues if they arise please visit the community forum for the latest help.

If you use any information in the above Forum posts, please can you make a post on the Forum to let us know the problem and the solution that you used. That way there is some information for other new users who may face the same issue. Post to Forum

Nov 2013 / PhreeBooksR3.6
Video by – Tech-Ninja

MAMP project website

Video – Phreebooks Installation in under 8 mins

PhreeBooks on Sourceforge: latest release
GitHub latest: PhreeBooks-master  (development & testing only. Not for production)
NOTE: You may need to ‘Rename’ the GitHub download, adding a ‘.zip’ file-ending before you can unzip and install.


This is a tutorial to show you how to install phreebooks on a wamp or mamp server. You will need a computer running an Apache server with an SQL manager like PHPMyAdmin

—- Directions Copied from Video —

1. download PhreeBooks from www.PhreeBooks.com
2. Save it in an easy accessible local folder and extract the contents of the zip file
3. Please enable hidden files and folders
4. Copy the newly extracted “Phreebooks” folder to your WAMP/MAMP root directory
5. Enter the “Phreebooks, Install” folder and delete the “.htaccess” file inside
6. Visit PHPMyAdmin or suitible MySQL database manager and create a new DB for Phreebooks — usually “localhost/MAMP” or “localhost/WAMP” in the address bar
7. Point your browser to the new folder — usually “localhost/phreebooks”
8. Start the installation by filling in your company information and user credentials
9. Enjoy Phree Accounting   😀

Please submit any comments, improvements or details of successful installs to the PhreeBooks Forum.