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How to Add a Sales Rep or Purchase Rep

How to add a new Sales Rep to the Order drop down list

How to Process Credit Cards

… from a Forum post in 2008   Accounting for and paying your Credit Card bill is dealt with in Vendors and Entering Expenses. If you ever buy stock or services using a Credit Card AND you want to track these purchases with a Vendor account (as opposed to a CC Vendor Expense Account), then the…
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Importing Contacts

11-Dec-2013  / PhreeBooksR36RC3 Author – Charles Draft PhreeBooks: Importing ‘contacts.csv’ – Guidelines Take care to make sure that your ‘contacts.csv’ file is prepared correctly: 1. remove any spaces in field name at top of columns e.g. ContactType, ShortName, Inactive, FirstName … 2. no null column headings – all columns to have a PB ‘field name’…
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