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Importing Inventory

June 2014 / PhreeBooksR36RC3 Author – Charles Importing Inventory should be straightforward: NOTES: Make absolutely sure that when you OPEN your spreadsheet programe to read the ‘Sample CSV’ and/or to create your .csv for Inventory Import, that you select ONLY the      ‘ , ‘ delimiter. I have come across spreadsheet programs defaulting to…
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Installing PhreeBooks Small Business Toolkit Installing the PhreeBooks small business toolkit consists of a single form necessary to gather the core information to initialize the database and install core files and directories. Once the basic installation has been completed, more configuration will be necessary to set up your preferences, chart of accounts, defaults and features.…
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Inventory Classifications Defined

draft – there are some descriptions required and some contradictions. December 2013 / PhreeBooksR36RC3 Author – Charles Inventory Classifications (in alphabetical order): Stock, Non-stock Activity Item – treated like a service or Charge. A non-stock item. Activity Items are a lot like service items with the main difference being they are supposed to be a…
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