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Author – Charles (instructions by DP)

Checks are printed on pre-printed three-part check stock (middle check). Have a chat with you bank.

Please make sure that you are happy that the PhreeBooks Form, Bank Check- Three Part, will match your proposed check stock before buying them. Best to print a check to blank A4 (or whatever is most suitable) and ‘try it for size’.

bank check

It is possible to adjust the layout of the Bank Check- Three Part in PhreeForm.

Often a business that prints a lot of checks will have one printer dedicated to printing checks only, loaded with three-part blank check stock. Two parts are sent to the customer and one retained.

Printing a Check:

  • Enter a purchase/receive and fill out the form.
  • VENDORS > Invoices > New Purchase/Receive Inventory
  • Use Add/Update to enter the Pay-To information.
  • You can enter line item(s) without SKUs, just make sure you put a quantity (usually 1), a description and a price.
  • Then press the Payment icon (calculator) and the transaction will be posted and you will be taken to the Payment screen.
  • All the fields should be filled out. Verify the reference number matches the check number.
  • Press the PDF icon and you should get the Form: Bank Check- Three Part popup.
  • Select the correct details and press the PDF icon. You should see the check image in the browser window.
  • Print it as an overlay on a pre-printed three-part check stock (middle check).

Useful Information:

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