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PhreeBooks development is hosted at GitHub. Bugs, issues, and other project related information is managed there.  The git repository contains the latest application code and some extensions. WARNING: The code contained in the git repository may (and probably does) contain scripts that have not been fully tested and are not ready to be used in a production environment. USE THE CODE IN THE GITHUB REPOSITORY AT YOUR OWN RISK.  PhreeBooks stable releases are also available at


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Prerequisites and System Requirements

PhreeBooks is a web based application based on PHP, mySQL and JavaScript. A web server is required which can be located on a local computer, intranet server or hosted web server.

NOTE: Do not attempt to manually install Phreedom as many background operations are performed to initialize the database.

During the setup script, PhreeBooks will inspect your system and let you know of any missing or down level prerequisites. Two notification levels will be displayed. Errors will prevent the installation and must be resolved prior to continuing with the installation script. Warnings (or Cautions) will allow the installation to continue but may limit some features on some modules.

  1. Web server (commercially hosted or local, doesn’t matter) running Apache or IIS
  2. Mysql Version: 4.0 or higher, with InnoDB support, safe mode turned off
  3. PHP Version: 5.2 and higher, with cURL
  4. Web Browser: PhreeBooks has been tested on FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.



PhreeBooks is the result of several years of work but is still completely open source! Please consider donating to the project.