PhreeSoft has released the completely re-designed Bizuno ERP small business application for Beta testing. Based on the PhreeBooks accounting engine developed by PhreeSoft (currently available through, Bizuno will be a cloud based, commercially supported product that updates the user interface, dramatically increases speed, offers unlimited customization and will offer more interfaces to third party applications. Bizuno customers (we call them members) will allow you to focus more time on building and running your business and less time operating servers and fighting software that doesn’t play nice with each other. It’s like having your own personal IT department and Operations Specialist a click away.

The Bizuno Beta program offers a select few an early look into the Bizuno program and will help us flush out all the early development bugs. Beta participants will have direct access to PhreeSoft’s BizNerds, a technical group of engineers and business professionals trained in Bizuno fundamentals, Bizuno custom development, and how to use the Bizuno toolbox to manage your business.

If you are interested in signing up for the Bizuno Beta program, click HERE and we will take you to the PhreeSoft store. Purchase the Bizuno Beta product, and if you qualify, we will send you information on how to set up and get starting using Bizuno.  For PhreeBooks users, we have developed a conversion script to get you most of the way in (reports and a few other features are not available to convert). Additionally, we are still working on a few more apps and features as listed on the development roadmap page.