2021-08-15 – PhreeSoft will be closing its doors at the end of this month. After introducing PhreeBooks to the open source market back in 2007, followed by Bizuno in 2015, the current business model can no longer sustain operations. As the principle developer and corporate president, I have poured tens of thousands of unpaid hours into this program and the business with great hopes that it would take off and sustain itself. I have always worked with the theory that if you build it, they will come. Cleary this has not been the case with PhreeSoft. I could write a book of what not to do when operating an open-source software company but I’ll save that for another day.

We will be removing all pages on the site (except for the homepage) and the store. A future release of the freely available Bizuno Accounting plugin will remove any dashboards that query the PhreeSoft server (PhreeSoft News, Tip of the Day, etc.) and links to the Biz-School help files. WeI will also be working in the next few weeks on how to handle Bizuno Pro validation checks and renewals.

Going forward, I will continue to offer the Bizuno-Accounting open source version (as a personal hobby) ONLY through the WordPress web store. I will not offer any support or respond to emails. All other Bizuno plugins will no longer be offered or supported (including Bizuno Pro). I will be removing the unsupported versions from the WordPress repository in the next month or two and Bizuno Pro will no longer be offered through the PhreeSoft web store. I will not guarantee how long that Bizuno-Accounting will be offered on WordPress plugin repository but it will be at least through the end of 2021.

With this, I recommend that everyone using Bizuno (or older version of PhreeBooks) look into alternative solutions as soon as possible. I recommend the ‘line in the sand approach’ to convert your existing books because, as far as I know, there are no conversion tools to take the data from Bizuno and import it into any other accounting program. The Tools -> Import/Export page will allow data dumps of the contacts and inventory tables. Tools -> Reports can be used for the latest financials and trial balance.

It has been a pleasure working with small business owners throughout the world. Learning about the various small businesses and the people that make them work were the highlight of my experience with PhreeSoft.

David Premo, PhreeSoft

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