PhreeSoft Releases PhreeBooks 5

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PhreeSoft Releases PhreeBooks 5


PhreeSoft has released PhreeBooks 5, the log awaited update to the PhreeBooks ERP application available free of charge to the open-source community. PhreeBooks 5 is designed for those that have the ability to host their own servers and want to store their data locally. PhreeBooks 5 extensions have been converted to the Bizuno format and are available through the PhreeSoft store for a moderate charge.

PhreeBooks 5 is available through the project repository at GitHub (GitHub PhreeBooks Release) release page or cloned through the (PhreeBooks Project) project home page. PhreeBooks 5 consists of a new portal designed to run on local servers utilizing the Bizuno Accounting library. For current PhreeBooks users, there exists a conversion extension to upgrade your current PhreeBooks database to Bizuno format. The extension is available free at the store.


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