PhreeSoft submits Bizuno for WordPress to

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PhreeSoft submits Bizuno for WordPress to

PhreeSoft has submitted it’s initial release of Bizuno for WordPress to the folks at to be included in their plugin repository. The process should take about a week and, if approved, should be available to download through your WordPress plugins page.

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  1. Seonyok Park says:

    I want to download the Bizuno plugin in wordpress but why I cannot search on the wordpress plugin directory.
    Can you help me please.

    Thank you in advance.

    waiting for your response

    • Dave says:

      At this time, WordPress has rejected Bizuno to be a part of their library. I have made a few attempts and made several changes to the code to meet their compliance tests for the application. Their latest complaint was I am not properly pulling in third party apps, like jQuery, when I render a page. I was trying to run Bizuno parallel with WordPress but still use the upgrade engine and access through WordPress. WordPress will not let me submit to their repository using this technique. So I will be making more changes and will resubmit once I address their latest concern.

  2. Dave says:

    It took some time to go through the process and then prepare the first release but Bizuno for WordPress is now available through the WordPress Plugin directory. Search for Bizuno and you should see it. You can install and activate from there.

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