PhreeSoft has release Bizuno 6.4.4 (actually, there was a bug in the upgrade script of 6.4.4). This release moves Bizuno Accounting a step closer to the merge with the upcoming Bizuno Office release. There are many architectural changes and the platform has been prepared to convert the user interface from jQuery EasyUI to the more WordPress native jQuery UI. This change should speed things up and have fewer conflicts with WordPress themes.

New is this release is the merging of the Bizuno WooCommerce API, Bizuno Themes, Bizuno Migrate and Bizuno Icons. These four plugins will soon be deprecated. The Bizuno Locale will still remain. Future releases will migrate the core Bizuno platform to Bizuno Office and Bizuno Accounting will become a member of the Bizuno ERP platform. Icons will also be moved over to the standard font awesome library in the near future.

Having troubles upgrading? Here are a few helpful hints. The Bizuno full screen login has been deprecated. All users must now log into WordPress and then can access Bizuno if full screen if permission has been granted. The
Bizuno icon on the admin side menu has been moved lower and now just contains a message of how to access Bizuno. Bizuno access has been moved to the User Profile drop down menu in the upper right of the admin page.

Admins will need to manually ‘allow’ your users to access your Bizuno Business. To do this, edit their profile in the WordPress Admin users page and you will see a check box to allow access. Also select a role. If the only role is Admin, then you will need to go into your Bizuno business, log out from there and back in to load all of your roles This assures that the upgrade has completed. Your non-admin users will need to log in through your site login screen (typically Once logged in they will see a modified admin toolbar at the top and they can access Bizuno from there.

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