2021-05-13 – In just a few days PhreeSoft will be releasing the newest version of Bizuno. There will be some functionality issues and we will be fixing some nagging compatibility bugs. Most notably, Bizuno will no longer be able to run within the WordPress admin screen. Also, to enable users to access Bizuno, a new menu option will be added to the standard WordPress admin toolbar which will show on your site pages for all users granted permission to access your Bizuno business by your administrator.

If you have bookmarked the full screen page, you will now see a notice on how to access your Bizuno business. Gone are the synchronization issues between the Bizuno users table and the WordPress user table. Eventually, the Bizuno WordPress table will be migrated to the WordPress users table. Make sure you have logged out of your Bizuno business in full screen mode before upgrading. If you have issues after the upgrade, go to full screen mode from the admin drop down and log out. You will be re-directed to your WordPress login page where you can log in and return to your Bizuno business. This will force a reload of the module cache and updates all of the internal links.

All this is to prepare for the newest member of the Bizuno application, Bizuno Office. Bizuno Office will be our attempt to break away from Big Tech cloud office suites. Re-gain control of your documents and privacy too! More on Bizuno office in a future post.

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