Bizuno, a platform within a platform

WordPress is the world's leader in content management systems. The CMS system provides an unprecedented open-source product that even the most novice techies can work with. Enter PhreeSoft, a guy with a hobby with the primary goal of providing the products your business needs with ease of installation and maintenance. The Bizuno platform enhances security and control over your user roles and is highly customizable.

PhreeSoft is developing a free alternative solution to the Big Tech Oligarchs office suites. We already offer a world class accounting solution and now will be focusing our efforts on creating a self-hosted cloud work place similar to Google Workspace and Apple iCloud. It's your data, keep it that way.


Full featured double entry accounting/ERP plugin, fully integrated with all of the Bizuno Office apps. Features comparable to NetSuite.


Every thing you need to integrate your business books with your WooCommerce (or other) store. Keeps your products and orders  in sync with a touch of a button.


COMING SOON! In development is a collaborative editor based on the TinyMCE editor and integrated with Bizuno Storage. We're also keeping an eye on the collaborative editor under development with and with integrate it once it's available.


Provides an alternate icon set to use within the Bizuno environment. Check back, we're working on a completely standardized icon set based on the great work from Font Awesome.


COMING SOON! An integrated presentation plugin based on the impress.js project. Similar to Google Slides that keeps your data private in your Bizuno Storage space.


Language packs for all of the Bizuno Office plugins. Don't see what you need, we could use the help and would be happy to assist or you can use the translator assistant provided with the plugin.


Tools to help you convert from earlier PhreeBooks, hosted Bizuno accounts to the Bizuno for WordPress plugin. Tools are also included to help convert from just about any other application using the 'Line in the Sand' approach.


COMING SOON! The core component of the Bizuno suite of plugins. Contains the administration controllers and helps make sure all the Bizuno plugins work seamlessly together.


Provides a set of  themes to get the color and style you are looking for. Based on the good work from the folks at EasyUI.


COMING SOON! Keeps your data private and organized. Launch other plugins directly from your drive. Included in the feely available base plugin is file and folder sharing and an easy to navigate page layout.


COMING SOON! Web based spreadsheet with collaborative features to replace Google Sheets. Based on the good work from the folks at the jquery.sheets project.