Bizuno for Business

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Bizuno brings accounting and small business applications to a whole new level. It’s roots date back to the open-source PhreeBooks ERP application developed by PhreeSoft and first released in 2007 bringing years of experience and knowledge in the development of Bizuno.

Bizuno is the next evolution of the PhreeBooks open source accounting application. A web based accounting and ERP application designed for any small business.


  • Double entry accounting engine, supports FIFO, LIFO and average inventory costing
  • Flexible architecture allows for a variety of extensions, customization and operating platforms
  • Powerful security settings are role/user based with additional security for reports and dashboards
  • Supports all the major web browsers
  • Report/Form module with over 40 standard reports, also allows for easy customization and creation of new reports
  • Supports multiple users, currencies and locales
  • User profiles to allow every user to have their own look and feel

Bizuno is fast, installs quick and is available as:

  • PhreeSoft Hosted – Hosted in the PhreeSoft cloud, Bizuno takes away all the complexities of running your own server, maintain and upgrading your apps and securing your data from those nasty hackers.
  • WordPress Plugin – operates as a co-hosted application
  • Stand-alone PhreeBooks 5 – Your servers, your administration, your privacy.