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Important Announcement Regarding Bizuno Platform Releases

Effective January 1, 2021 PhreeSoft will be discontinuing support for the PhreeSoft Cloud and PhreeBooks 5 platforms. The Bizuno for WordPress plugin will be the only available variant to host the Bizuno library. This change will allow PhreeSoft to focus on developing the worlds best ERP eco-system that can all be operated within a single…
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PhreeSoft Releases Bizuno 4.1.0 Library for all Platforms

PhreeSoft has released version featuring the newest Bizuno library, 4.1.0. This release introduces the new Bizuno theme with a softer look and feel more consistent with today’s apps. This release also improves the user experience using mobile devices. Many dashboards now have a new look which still allows drilling down but hides unnecessary reference…
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Release 4.0 Available for All Platforms

PhreeBooks just released its latest version of Bizuno, playing with blocks. This release has significant re-work on the presentation of pages to provide a more consistent appearance and groundwork for enhanced viewing in mobile browsers.

Coming Soon – Bizuno 4.0

Soon to be released is the latest version of the Bizuno library, Release 4.0. This release, Playing with Blocks, breaks pages into blocks that can be easily moved around and manipulated to fit screens from mobile devices to large desktop displays. Also included is structural changes to allow for different user interfaces. These changes will…
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