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PhreeSoft is Adding More Processing Power

This weekend, 2018-12-02, PhreeSoft will take Bizuno and this website offline for a few hours to perform our annual maintenance and add additional servers to our cloud. With the new servers, we now have doubled the processing capability for our customers. What does that mean for you? A few hour disruption in service on Sunday,…
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PhreeSoft Releases 3.0 to All Hosted Platforms

PhreeSoft has released Bizuno library 3.0 to all platforms. PhreeSoft hosted accounts have been running Release 3.0 for a couple of weeks and will be upgraded to the latest version (3.0.4) on September 30, 2018. WordPress hosted systems can upgrade to the latest release through the standard WordPress plugin upgrade process. PhreeBooks 5 users will…
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Bizuno 3.0 coming soon!

PhreeSoft is in final testing of it’s latest release Bizuno 3.0. This new version presents a new ‘softer’ look and feel more in line with today’s web designs. This version is also more mobile friendly with menu layout changes and simplified data grid displays when accessing your business through the Bizuno portal on mobile and…
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PhreeSoft Releases PhreeBooks R5.0.5

Phreesoft Releases the latest PhreeBooks version based off of the recent Bizuno library upgrade, 2.1.5. PhreeSoft hosted customers will see this upgrade Sunday, July 15, 2018. This release contains mostly small bug fixes and more preparation for the tablet/mobile version in development. Note: PhreeBooks Release 5.0.4 was out for a couple of days but R5.0.5…
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