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PhreeSoft Releases PhreeBooks R5.0.3

Phreesoft Releases the latest PhreeBooks version based off of the recent Bizuno library upgrade, 2.1.4. Aside from the normal bug fixes, this upgrade makes some structural changes to the rendering engine in preparation of the upcoming mobile version.

PhreeSoft Releases PhreeBooks R5.0.2 and Bizuno for WordPress R2.1.2

PhreeSoft released PhreeBooks 5.0.2 and Bizuno for WordPress V2.1.2 for immediate download. This release incorporates the latest Bizuno library (Version 2.1.2) with minor bug fixes. The PhreeBooks release is available at GitHub (PhreeBooks) while the WordPress release can be upgraded through the WordPress plugin upgrade process.

PhreeSoft Releases PhreeBooks 5

PhreeSoft has released PhreeBooks 5, the log awaited update to the PhreeBooks ERP application available free of charge to the open-source community. PhreeBooks 5 is designed for those that have the ability to host their own servers and want to store their data locally. PhreeBooks 5 extensions have been converted to the Bizuno format and…
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Bizuno for WordPress Plugin Release 2.0.11

Phreesoft releases the latest Bizuno for WordPress plugin version 2.0.11 with new dashboards and bug fixes, highlights include: New currency dashboards, Oanda and XE exchange rate tools with the ability to update your current exchange rate value in Bizuno. Eliminates the requirement to log into WordPress with email address as user name. Users can now…
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