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Important! Please Verify/Save your Timezone

As part of the latest revision Bizuno made some changes to posts based on the users timezone. This necessitated the need to create a new setting and all users should make sure their systems are updated. Even if you have made a change using the first (short) list, the code was deprecated and a new…
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Bizuno 2.0.6 Release Update – PLEASE READ!

PhreeSoft updated the production servers this past weekend (2017-12-10) )and part of the upgrade was a re-sequencing of the way the application is loaded. If you are seeing strange behavior, the best solution is to close all but one of the tabs that have Bizuno running, log out and back in (to reload your browser…
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Time to generate a new Fiscal Year

For all you calendar fiscal year folks, it’s time to generate a new fiscal year: Go to Preferences (Your title in the upper right hand corner) -> My Business -> Bizuno tab -> PhreeBooks settings icon -> Fiscal Calendar tab -> and press the ‘Generate The Next Fiscal Year’ button. Should take a few seconds…
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PhreeSoft Cloud Outage

The PhreeSoft cloud servers experienced a 6 hour outage today which took down the north metro Denver area. Issues earlier this week caused slow to no server response. We find this completely unacceptable and will be bringing online an alternate server site that will not only archive PhreeSoft data but will act as a backup…
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