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Bizuno 2.0 Released

Phreesoft has released Bizuno 2.0 to the production servers. This release incorporated changes needed to prep for the WordPress version, notably the move to db stored session cache in place of the server storing the session. This release also lays the groundwork for several new graphical dashboards and reworking the core layout to be more…
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Bizuno 2.0 – Coming Soon

PhreeSoft is nearing the release of Bizuno 2.0. While the new release will have the same look and feel as 1.x, Release 2.0 contains structural changes necessary to covert Bizuno to a stateless design. What this means is that there will no longer be reliance on session variables, tying your current browser to a specific…
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PhreeSoft submits Bizuno for WordPress to

PhreeSoft has submitted it’s initial release of Bizuno for WordPress to the folks at to be included in their plugin repository. The process should take about a week and, if approved, should be available to download through your WordPress plugins page.

Bizuno has moved to qz-tray application to support label printing

In the latest upgrade for PhreeSoft hosted customers, Bizuno will now use a new third party new application, qz-tray, to support label printing. The prior application, qz-print, was no longer supported by most browsers (except IE). qz-tray supports all the major browsers as well as many other USB connected devices. qz-tray can be downloaded at…
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